Defi, Acceleration  & Growth Investment Group

We provide

Business Development

Having millions of followers is not enough if you don’t have the right people to make a difference in your business. Thanks to our vast network of contacts on different protocols, we are ready to help you reach the talents that will make a difference when it comes to partnerships and business development.


We can assist you on every single step of your business development journey. Our services would let you start your project from planning a strategy to creating a tokenomic profile. Our large experience with different businesses would help you create and handle distribution models and establish an efficient launching strategy.

Capital Deployment

As early investors in the crypto industry, we do not seek third-party funding for our venture investments. We have a key advantage: unlike on-chain DAOs, we quickly move to the execution phase using our in-house team of experts.


We offer multi-channel marketing campaigns for companies that want to gain exposure to social media networks. Thanks to our 1,5 million followers on Twitter and more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube, we created a valuable asset for early-stage projects in the industry.